Definitely NOT easy.

The Story:


Saturday, 7.15 am,

I open the door to a bright new day………..

(spine-chilling building-sound from neighbor, chainsaw? don’t know but VERY! loud and not the first time anyway)

Shock to the system, temper rising, plans to shake another human being senseless, NOT good!

Spiritual sense, compassion and empathy down the drain.

Killing instincts awakening.

DO YOU know the feeling?


Where is my peaceful weekend gone?

My plans to relax in my garden and have a good time?

BREATHE (does really help).


BUT on the bright side (spiritual sense and insight kicking in again :):

The sun is still shining, right?

And it is still weekend.

And it is a possibility to shift focus.

To learn to STAY MY GROUND.

To accept myself fully and truly.

To become stronger.

And to do something productive inside, like writing this blogpost.

I am gonna have MY CUP OF COFFEE and enjoy the day.