I am a creative soul.


2000 I was playing with some water color paint. Suddenly a very realistic eye emerged in the running wet colors in front of me. Looking at me. I was very amazed and surprised. It was like there was more than just me and the paint. Something that talked to me.

Up to this point of time, I wasn’t very creative and lived a normal life. But I was willing to follow this calling. It led me far away from all I knew.

On my journey i learned, how important it is to align with ones heart and soul. And nature. We are all a part of nature. Love is our nature. Creativity becomes a spiritual way of life. Freedom. To be authentic, to be you. To find your true self.


It´s not just about creativity, it´s about the person, you´re becoming, while you´re creating. Charlie Peacock.


I love Painting and Nature. The Beauty of Heaven and Earth. The Wonder and the Change. The Invisible. The Flow. The Love. The Energy.

My Art expresses that.
Best wishes